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Shri Madmaheshwar (Madhyamaheswar) Yatra

Shri Madmaheshwar Temple


Shri Madmaheshwar Temple


Shri Madmaheshwar Temple


4,999/- (onwards)

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Yatra Easy-Moderate
Duration 10-16 Hours
Stay 3 Night
Route 14-16 Km one side
Altitude upto 3497 m
Weather Clear/Clouds/Snow
Location Bantoli
Road Ransi/Bhissi
Helipad No
Railway Station Dehradun
Airport Dehradun, UK

Story : Shri Rudranath Dham

Get blessing of master of cosmic-dance Shri Har Mahadeva Bhagwan Shiva, present in Shri Madmaheshwar Temple in form of his nabhi (abdomen).

As per legend, around 5500 BC, when famous Mahabharata Yudhha (War) was over, the Pandavas wished to atone for the sins of committing Gotra-hatya, Guru-hatya and Brahmana-hatya during the war. Thus, they handed over the reins of their kingdom to their kin and left in search of Bhagwan Shri Har Shiva and to seek his blessings.

First, they went to the Kashi (Varanasi), the Royal seat of Bhagwan Shiva. But, Bhagwan Shiva wanted to avoid them as he was deeply incensed by the death and dishonesty at the Kurukshetra war and was, therefore, very insensitive to Pandavas' prayers. Therefore, he took a form of a bull (Nandi) and hid in the Himalayas (present day Gharwal-Rudyrapryag and Uttarkashi).

When Pandavas have not found Shiva in Kashi, they went to Garhwal Himalayas. Bhima, the second of the five Pandava brothers, then standing astride two mountains started to look for Shiva. He saw a bull grazing near Guptakashi ( mean hidden Kashi — the name derived from the hiding act of Bhagwan Shiva). Bhima immediately recognized the bull to be Bhagwan Shiva. Bhima caught hold of the bull by its tail and hind legs. But the bull-formed Bhagwan Shri Har Shiva divided his body parts and disappeared into the ground to later reappear at five different places reffered at Panch Kedar, with the hump raising in Kedarnath, the nabhi (navel) and stomach surfacing in Madhyamaheshwar, the arms appearing in Tungnath, the face showing up at Rudranath, and the hair appearing in Kalpeshwar. This region of Panch Kedar is called Kedarkhanda. The Pandavas pleased with this reappearance in five different forms, built temples at the five places for venerating and worshipping Bhagwan Shri Har.

Madmaheswar: mean- central part of Ishwara Bhagwan Shiva. Shri Madhyamaheshwar Temple is the 2nd Kedar among Panch Kedar. It is situated in Rudraprag district (Garhwal region) of Uttarakhand. Temple open on Akshaya Tritiya (April-May) and Kartik Purnima (November) of every year. Winter seat of Bhagwan Shri Madmaheshwar is Shri Aumkareshwara Temple in Ukhimath.

As you know, after completing the pilgrimage of Shri Har Mahadeva Bhagwan Shiva's darshan, it is an dharmic rite to visit Bhagwan Shri Hari Vishnu, as a final affirmatory proof by the devotee that he has sought blessings of Bhagwan Shiva; we can extend your dharshan to nearby Shri Hari Bhagwan Vishnu Temple on your desire.

We have designed the yatra in such manner that while in journey you can get darshan of Mata Shri Ransi Devi in Ransi Village.


Day 1
Travel:Dehradun-Ransi; Boarding
Day 2
Trek-Madmahesh; Boarding
Day 3
Day 4
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